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Wireless Media Application


Wireless Presentation System

Qno’s QWH-1080 is a system that allows multiple devices on different platforms to project their screens to a projector or large screen display. A set of QWH-1080 includes one receiver and two transmitters. The receiver is connected to a projector or monitor/TV, and the transmitters are connected with any device that is capable of audio/video transmission (smartphones, tablets, laptops/PCs, DVD players, STBs… etc.) Once connected, users simply push a button on the transmitter and their device’s screen will be projected to the display. During meetings, multiple presenters can be speedily and efficiently switched using the QWH-1080.

The QWH-1080 utilizes 802.11ac/5G and HDMI to wirelessly transmit audio and video, and supports 1080p full HD without lag. There are many other uses besides meeting rooms, such as, class rooms to increase interactivity between teachers and students.

Multi-person presentation tool

QWH-1080 Wireless Presentation System is a many-to-one tool, one receiver can be paired up to 64 transmitters. A standard set of QWH-1080 comes with two transmitters and one receiver, perfect for individual users. However, QWH system can easily scale up to large corporate environments with additional transmitters.

Platform agnostic

QWH-1080 utilizes industry standard HDMI connector, so it can be connected with any display, be it a projector or LCD TV/monitor. Furthermore, any audio/video source can be used as well, such as PCs, laptops, STBs, smartphones, tablets… etc. can use the QWH-1080 to project their screens to a large screen display. (Smartphones and tablets requires an HDMI adapter)

Plug and play

QWH-1080 requires no manual configurations, just connect the HDMI cables, and plug in the USB cables for power and the screens are ready to be projected. Additionally, no other app or software installations are needed, which eliminates any security concerns or compatibility issues.

Smarter and effortless application

Only a simple button press is needed when a presenter wants to project his/her screen wirelessly to a display, which circumvents the past messy needs of unplug and re-plug of cables. It also supports sleep and standby modes. Innovative VIP Mode giving a presenter exclusive usage, resulting in a non-interruptible presentation.

Wireless brings possibilities

By using 802.11ac/5G Wi-Fi as the transmission signal, the QWH-1080 can save costs associated with cabling layout and its construction. Furthermore, because it’s wireless, cable clutter on the desktop is eliminated, giving a very clean meeting room that greatly enhances the corporation’s professional image.

High resolution

Qno’s QWH-1080 main transmission interface is HDMI, supporting up to full HD 1080p image quality as well as audio. A customized audio/video processing technique giving a smooth video, with lag as low as 100ms.

Simple yet elegant

Each QWH-1080 unit has a dimension of 9 x 2.5cm and a weight of just 76 grams. They’re also uniquely designed to be stackable so it’s nice and clean when not in use. The shells are coated with either a special leather paint giving a distinctive touch or silver paint allowing a better color saturation. A fashionably designed exterior.