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Company Overview

High Efficiency Networking for High Performance Company

Qno Technology Inc. is established in 2004 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. For Qno, is a brand company also operates with sales and service networks. Qno has high efficiency network appliance assisting businesses to create a trusted environment for speed up the applications and services over a singular network. With Qno, businesses could capitalize on opportunities to innovate, strengthen and grow their business with high performance, flexible solutions. Currently, Qno has been providing products and services to SMEs, Internet cafés, education institutes, telecom service providers and government as the most innovative multiple-WAN router supplier in China and Taiwan.


Qno is digging into research high-performance network appliance to help businesses create a top grade stability and efficiency networking environment.

Qno's high-performance network element encompasses:

  • First-rate business network appliance and solution delivery powerful and convenience the network into SMB, Institution and Government.
  • Continuing research and improvement to catch the latest networking environment needs.
  • Deliver the full value of networking features and functionality to be the trustworthy solution provider.
Market strategy

With sophisticated in network industry, Qno team possess the technical and business development in Local Area Network, Broadband Internet and Network security management. As the Internet access becomes pervasive and the applications of Internet become ubiquitous, Qno team believes broadband Internet access product is going to be required to satisfy broadband users all over the world. Broadband Internet users, especially SMB need the latest grade of bandwidth service, multi-ISP, diverse applications, Internet security threats, and QoS (Quality of Service). With Qno device to get the complete powerful functions:

  • Powerful processor to support multiple functions: Next-generation broadband Internet access product should operate multiple functions simultaneous thus powerful processor is required. Qno is one of the leading companies providing Intel IXP-based router and is planning other advanced processor based products.
  • Multiple-WAN connection support: For non-household application, multiple-WAN interface enable flexible broadband configuration and securer Internet connection. Qno team is focusing on providing innovative multi-WAN broadband Internet access product with features including connection back up, intelligent routing, load balance, etc. for various applications.
  • QoS and Security: Routing and forwarding function is not enough for contemporary broadband users. Optimized allocation of bandwidth resource and protection of network resources are pivotal for users as well. All Qno's products are equipped with QoS ability and network security functions to fulfill user's needs.
  • Intelligent and easy-to-configure operation: Qno network appliances have diversity functions but with ease control design to meet SMB users’ needs. Particularly Qno R&D team creates an intelligent design, friendly control interface and handy management through analyzing and integrating complex functions.
Target Customers

Qno products are designed for advanced or business Internet users. Below are some of the segments we design Qno product for:

  • Small and mid-sized Business(SMB)
  • Internet café
  • Community
  • Hotel Chain
  • Education Institutes
  • Medical organization
  • Chain Stores
  • Manufactory
  • Logistic
  • Real Estate
  • Local Government organization
  • Financial Institution
  • Internet service provider