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QnoSniff 2.0 Network Monitor Software

QnoSniff 2.0

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QnoSniff is a powerful application that helps companies understand the reality of your network usage. Cooperating with an Qno router contained mirror port, it records and presents the data of E-mail, FTP, HTTP, P2P, and IM. Not only can it be used to backup network transmission data, but also it can analyze the network flow and compose statistic reports for network management to increase security and efficiency.

In addition to Internet access and connection records, this application captures full data transmission data like E-mails’ content and attachment, FTP download files, and IM content. It helps company check possible leakage of sensitive data and takes actions to control potential damage, and provide traceable information for authorities to track cyber crimes took place in cyber cafés, hotels, or dormitories.

QnoSniff provides both a client-based interface for local sites and a web-based interface for remote access. Therefore, no matter where the network administrator is, inside or outside the company, he or she can still easily and conveniently monitor the network traffic. Moreover, with the ranking lists of various items, administrators can easily understand all status of Internet users (e.g. the top P2P heavy-hitter) or what applications are mostly utilized. These statistic reports are useful reference to carry on network resource management.