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QnoKey Secure VPN Connection


USB VPN Client for Single PC or Mobile User

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QnoKey Secure VPN Connection is a state-of-the-art VPN client solution developed by Qno. It is designed for mobile and remote side users who may not have technical knowledge to be able to fast and conveniently build-up secured network connection with headquarters or central offices. This solution contains a physical USB device and a set of utilities, Client Utility & Privilege Utility. The USB device is equipped with encryption chip inside and easy to plug and play on Windows OS PC. Work together with QnoKey Client Utility, users can easily establish IPSec VPN connection with Qno’s QVM VPN Router by simply input PIN code to have both convenient and secured data transmission.

Through intelligent design, this QnoKey is easy to do the configuration by network administrator. Before handing this device to tele-communication users, the network administrator only needs to set primary configuration on Qno QVM VPN Router and than use Privilege Utility to set the PIN code (personal identification code) and save the parameters into QnoKey. The tele-communication user just needs to insert the conducted QnoKey into USB interface of Windows PC and entered PIN code in the Client Utility to establish IPSec VPN connection. Also, if the network administrator needs to conduct a batch of QnoKey for many tele-communication users in one time, QnoKey has the sweet design to ease the mass configuration effort by allowing the network administrator to continually set those QnoKeys belonged to the same group.

Beside the easy to use and configuration, QnoKey has the full set of management functions. The network administrator can instantly check all the connections status of QnoKey users through the user interface of QVM VPN Router. To prevent the misuse of QnoKey, the network administrator not only can set the valid time of each QnoKey but also can take lost-protection actions. The network administrator can cut the connection or erase the parameters inside QnoKey once the tele-communication users lost his/her QnoKey to prevent the malicious connection to sneak into your private network.