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Qno Achievements

  • Annual Best Product Award by "ZOL Online"
  • Annual Recommend Product Award by "ZOL Online"
  • Best Product Award in Education Field by China Informationization Education
  • Wealthy Award by Computer Partner World
  • SMB Innovative Award by SMB Informationization
  • Trustworthy Award by SMB IT Purchasing
  • Recommend Award by SMB IT Purchasing
  • China Annual Info-Security best Award by Central Statistics
  • Internet Café Star Product Award by "Tian Xia Internet Café"
  • Innovative Award by IT168 Website
  • QnoKey won the Most Trustworthy Annual Network Product in China by SMB IT Purchasing
  • Debuted GQF1100, the flagship Gigabit network security router, and QnoKey IPSec VPN client
  • FVR360v won Editor Recommend Award by SMB IT Purchasing
  • FVR420v won Innovation Award by IT 168 Website
  • Introduced World 1st Voice-alert Firewall Router and SmartQoS for adjusting bandwidth automatically
  • FVR420v won Best Channel Support Award by Computor Partner World
  • Released VPN Hub supporting VPN connection
  • QVM100 won Annual Tri-Excellence Award for SMBs by IT Purchasing
  • Introduce One-Click for Traffic Control
  • Issued ARP prevention integrated solution
  • Introduced Dual-WAN VPN router for SMBs
  • QVM1000 won Excellence Award in Technology by IT 168 Website and Editor Choice Award by Chinese Computer
  • Finished business channels coving Chinese major locations for full sale and customer services
  • Released QVM SmartLink VPN which requires only 3parameter settings
  • Issued Router with the most WAN interfaces in embedded system router field
  • Established Shenzhen Technical Service center to provide technical support and training services
  • Firstly provided solution for two ISPs and BT block in Internet café
  • Introduced the one-click traffic control function
  • Firstly announced Strategy Routing supporting China Telcom and Netcome simultaneously
  • Provided QoS Bandwidth Management meeting with Chinese needs
  • Initiated Internet Café Project for mass application and test
  • Announced the 1st router deploying Intel IXP in China Market