FQR8010 Dual-WAN Internet Firewall Router


Large Internet Café, Hotel, School, Business, Hospital

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FQR8010 is an idea firewall router designed specifically for small business/organization to link internal and external networks with robust firewall protection and ease of management. It contains two WAN ports and two Ethernet/Fast Ethernet LAN ports to deliver flexibility and scalability for Internet access. With comprehensive manageable functions combining firewall, QoS, NAT, and traffic management, this router brings a best all-in-one solution to small scale of business, Internet café, hotel, and school. Most of all, its outstanding bandwidth control functions allow you utilizing your precious network resource efficiently.

Featuring two WAN ports, FQR8010 can simultaneously connect up to two different broadband services, so in the unlikely event that one unit fails; the other connection will continuously provide connectivity to the internet and remote networks. Beside, this device supports Auto Load Balance mechanism to have the best advantage of dual Internet connections by averaging the WAN traffic loading according to service ports. Moreover, this router offers a configurable DMZ (WAN2 or DMZ) port and it allows you to setup public server without exposing your internal network.

More than just a NAT router, FQR8010 provides a build-in advanced firewall protecting business networks from various malicious attacks. The product uses stateful packet inspection (SPI) to examine all data packets passage against a set of custom security policies. It also built with an automatic protection to detect and block Denial of service (DoS) attacks such as SYN flooding, IP Spoofing, LAND, Ping of Death and etc. NAT functionality with firewall conceals network address avoiding the disclosure as public information and also provides a solution for IP address depletion problem. The product also has the reverse NAT capabilities that enable users to host various internet services in the private IP address space, such as web servers, e-mail servers and etc.

Quality of Service (QoS) is the must-have function for any business/organization network to make best use of bandwidth. This device allows network administers not only to limit maximum bandwidth access for each user to prevent from grabbing this valuable resource but also to set minimum bandwidth reservation for important service or person to guarantee the Internet access at any time.

This security router’s build-in core management tool provides a highly flexible, effective, and easy to use management environment for the network administrator. It comes with a comprehensive web-based management user interface for more flexible and easily configured in different web browser. The SysLog displays the operation log, Firewall action, and connection record to give network administrator the detail information of system status in time. The traffic statistic allows network administrator to easily monitor the network usage of each user or service and then take the proper action to efficiently utilize network resource. In addition, the upgradeable firmware can keep this device having up-to-date functions to protect your investment.