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Qno Environmental Policy

Qno Environmental PolicyThe world warming problem goes serious day by day. Facing the bad environment, which keeps worsening, Qno’s whole series network products obey the spirit with fully assurance for user of health and security. Qno shows the insistency of green solution of the environmental protection manufacturing process.

Qno’s whole series products pass the EU green strict certification of the green environmental protection RoHS, the product material ingredient all matches an international green environmental protection enterprise standard, omnifarious protect the Earth environment; also guarantee the security of the consumer usage.


The Qno's whole series products adopts a special calm design without fans, transfer into the forerunner's environmental protection to hot sink system, which doesn't need any fan but solve the heat problem of the machine. This design avoids producing the surfeit hot into the environment. Also successfully save the energy that the fan has to consume on the other hand.

Qno proceeds energetically economy energy and reduce carbon, hope to offer the biggest effort to the society, the next generation and the Earth.