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In this early chilly spring, a press conference themed "Connecting User, Cloud & Thing through Gigabit Broadband" went ahead in Beijing. It was held on 21st morning, February by one famous network devices provider, QNO Technology. In this meeting, QNO president Li Mingtang introduced the hot technologies trends in the whole world and QNO's innovation direction of this year, aimed at providing SMBs much better product and services.

First Present Li humorously pointed out that the Internet won't stop to develop though 2012 was said to be the end of the world. From the newest IT application rank in Taiwan, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application and tablet Computer technology & product are on the top 3 in this list. They are also the tendency all over the world. So how to use gigabit bandwidth to connect User, Cloud, and IOT (Internet of Things) together forming a low-cost, high-efficiency, easy-to-use system will be the challenge for the whole IT industry.

During the economic crisis, many high-tech companies suffered a lot and struggled in developing, however, QNO's comprehensive capacities are kept improving and growing by its constant innovation, pointed by Present Li. In the past 2011, QNO upgraded all its multi-core series products. By integrating multi-core and application software, QNO Router became more powerful to build secure and efficient network for business with All-in-one VPN, On-line Behavior Management and IPv6 Supported.

In the coming 2012, QNO will take every effort in product developing and innovating from 4 directions: L7 Routing, Mobile SSL VPN, Cloud Computing in Enterprises & Home, and the arising of IOT, basing on multi-core platform and the growing of gigabit bandwidth.

He said that L7 Router was one network management technology first brought by QNO in this field. Traditionally administrators were using "Service Port" to identify different applications. But it can't work when these applications are using the same service port, while QNO L7 Routing can do it. It can accurately recognize applications using the same service port, thus making management more comprehensive and refined in broadband and on-line behavior. L7 Routing's 3 features are: automatically identify applications, VIP bandwidth allocation and multi-core as the platform and it is getting widely used in SMBs, Hotels, Internet Cafes and Schools.

More and more national enterprises with distributed offices make VPN as their top choice for the networking of ERP system and mobile remote office in the 5 or 6 years. QNO SSL VPN product are even more popular and achieved a lot in market with its outstanding features, such as no client installation, flexible to establish, easy to apply, and All-in-one VPN protocol with IPSec, SSL,PPTP protocols support. In the following, QNO R&D will go on their developing in SSL VPN, which will support mobile devices like iPhone, Android to meet the demand from mobile users with Smart Phones and iPad.

Besides, a popular internet technology---Cloud Computing is also talked in this meeting. Though it is already implemented in big enterprises, it is still very abstract for SMBs and SOHO. To solve this problem, QNO is beginning to develop products centered "private Cloud for SMBs & SOHO", emphasizing the notion of "Cloud Computing, Data private" in application. To give an example, 2 enterprises with independent network can share their resources in public network without worrying secure as all the data are stored in their individual servers in order to realize "Win-Win".

Another thing pointed out at this meeting is the development of QNO in IOT. IOT is an even more abstract notion in Technology, which is the extension of Internet in application. QNO develops it into real products, using ZigBee wireless technology to connect router and things to encourage IOT's practicing and developing. For instance, some special laboratory for research and development are pretty strict in temperature and illumination. But it is barely possible to let employees watch on it in 24 hours. While, by entering into Router UI remotely, then make adjustment based on the temperature, brightness and humidity the ZigBee wireless sensor shows, easy and effortless.

In the following part, Qno Sales Manager, Ryan Huang demonstrated the operations of L7 Router, SMB & SOHO private Cloud and IOT on the spot. For L7 Routing, he opened the BT software and downloaded a big packet. When the speed reached the maximum of the bandwidth, he browsed webpage in another Intranet PC but it can't show up as the BT downloading taking up all the bandwidth. Then he used L7 Routing set webpage browsing as "VIP priority", the webpage can be opened quickly. For the private Cloud, Mr. Huang inserted a USB storage into a QNO Router. After entering into the Qno Cloud page, a special application interface appeared. From this interface, he can visit and control files, photos, music and videos in this USB freely. But as long as he pulled USB storage out, everything disappeared, which totally represent the notion of "visit remotely but keep data privately". And for IOT, he entered into Router UI remotely from a smart phone. By integrating with ZigBee in Qno router, he can turn on/off the lights through GUI. The phone also can show the temperature, humility and brightness. When these figures change, the phone will also appear relevant hints. ALL things are amazed everybody.

In the end, Present Li made a conclusion. Since the foundation in 2004, QNO has developed series and series products from Multi-WAN, full Gigabit router, and Multi-Core platform, always keeping leadership in this field. From now on, QNO will continue to create convenient and speedy networks for SMBs based on multi-core and "Secure, Speedy and Simple" principle. Let's expect a "Cloud", IOT and IPv6 network era coming for SMBs.