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Case Study

Trend Micro Inc.
I. Background

For more than a decade, there emerges one special group of companies mainly dealing with Internet stuff among Business as Internet's developing and netizens' growing. Comparing with some traditional industries, they are more likely to seize opportunities for a quick growing and catch up with big enterprises of years' experiences. To these Internet companies, confined to their own features, how to control broadband effectively to satisfy daily demanding and increasing business is both opportunity and challenge as their employees are very familiar with utilizing Internet applications.

Trend Micro is such a comprehensive antivirus company involving computer, Internet service to Internet gateway. As soon as grasping chances, they will try to provide services, sale, and go on product trial to customers via Internet. For Trend Micro, a wonderful device in broadband access is one vital issue for its developing.

II. Demanding

As a world-class company in antivirus industry, Trend Micro has severe requests on broadband access as below:

  • 24-Hour Continuous Internet Connection

    To keep the latest status in antivirus product, they should be alert and response to clients in the first time. Their employees are working 24 hours as it turns out routers should retain no interruption operating. In order to search the newest kinds of virus in any time, Trend Micro needs to reserve enough bandwidth and requires back-up function in Router to support their work. An analysis shows that a continuous and steady broadband access solution values most to Trend Micro. As this company considers its branch in Manila which provides technical support relying on Internet with 3-shift working stuff, this point is more important.

  • Growing requirement in Bandwidth

    Internet business is developing very fast so that the bandwidth of Internet access has to be adjustable flexibly according to the actual demand. Otherwise, administrators have to struggle in changing the network's topology all the time. Qno Multi-WAN Router is exactly meeting with this requirement.

  • Using Multiple ADSLs to Replacing Optical Fiber

    Most of the Internet businesses set their branches in different countries. There are problems in some countries, like Philippines, the expense on Optical Fiber is very high while ADSLs are comparatively cheap; or the Optical Fiber doesn’t have enough bandwidth. Trend Micro has employees in many countries so that they are trying to replace Optical Fiber into ADSLs to avoid the shortage of bandwidth.

  • VPN Connection Among Branches in Different Places

    As a company across the world, Trend Micro has offices and R&D centers everywhere. To protect their intellectual property, the communication through Internet should be very safe. What's more, Trend Micro holds video meeting from time to time among offices especially when video training becomes a popular way. By establishing VPN among offices, the whole connections are through a safe tunnel and the bandwidth could be guaranteed to provide fluent video conferences as well.
    And for Management and Configuration, the graphical UI is more preferable to them for easy operation as the administrators may not be network masters.

III. Deployment Topology
  • Product

    Trend Micro chooses Qno FVR9416 for the reason of featuring flexible bandwidth adjustment and VPN function. FVR9416 can connect up to 4 ADSLs and each line can have maximum 640K upload and 8Mbps download bandwidth to provide sufficient bandwidth but less expense.

  • Applications

    Trend Micro uses Qno FVR9416 in 3 facets generally.

    • Using Internet to search virus data for analyzing:

      Trend Micro specially prepares Dual-CPU server to download all kinds of files possibly carrying with virus in every minutes and analysis them through exclusive methods. Because there are new viruses showing up in every second in the world, this downloading process should never stop or postpone. Otherwise, users may be hacked or get computer virus. By deploying FVR9416 with 4-ADSL, it not only provides sufficient bandwidth but also has Internet back-up when any ADSL lost connection.

    • Accessing Online Application:

      Trend Micro's staff is everywhere. They all need to access Internet with a steady connection as the basic facility of their daily work, no matter they are collecting virus, providing customer services, or communicating with colleagues in other branches. With 4 WAN ports, FVR9416 can satisfy the bandwidth requirement of hundreds of people. For those offices with less staff, they can just connect to 1 or 2 Internet lines and keep the rest of WAN ports for bandwidth expansion in the future.

    • Establishing VPN Connection among Offices:

      FVR9416 supports the International standard IPSec VPN Protocol and passes VPNC Authentication which certifies the compatibility with all kinds of VPN devices. Trend Micro originally rented exclusive lines for VPN connection among its branches across the world. And now it can use less cost to achieve the same result by utilizing FVR9416’s VPN function without renting exclusive lines. VPN not only creates a safe tunnel for the data communication and exchange among Trend Micro's different branches but also helps to smooth the process of video conference, VoIP communication, and video/audio training as they can set the guarantee bandwidth for VPN tunnels.

IV. Other Advantages

Auto Load Balance: Before using Qno Router, Trend Micro already tried several Multi-WAN Load Balance devices. However, they all appear different problems while executing a long-time, no-stop downloading, especially when aggregating of 4-WAN to carry on 24-hour downloading in a heavy load by several high-speed servers. Some devices are not really realizing load balance or even cannot operate for 3 days. Under Trend Micro’s evaluation, only Qno FVR9416 performed excellent load balancing.

Stability: After using Qno FVR9416, administrators surprisingly find the whole network keeping stable in the following days. They also get to know Qno product having many other advantages to help them running their network efficiently beside stability.

High Performance with Lower Cost: Comparing with similar products in performance and cost, administrators impressively find the expense of several Qno routers is less than one Cisco router. They can even use the saving cost to purchase other equipment to improve their network. Also, after using ADSLs to replace Optical Fiber, it effectively saves the spending on broadband.

VPN Deployment: Trend Micro used Qno Router to establish their VPN network. Its branches are sequentially deploying Qno Routers. This relies on the trust in Qno’s quality and services.